Barbie Dreamhouse

Company: Little Orbit LLC

Involvement: Associate Producer

Release Date: November 19, 2013

Barbie: Dreamhouse Party is a video game developed by Torus Games. It's a multiplayer party game based on the Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse web series by Arc Productions and licensed from Mattel. It was published by Little Orbit for Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS. 

This was Little Orbit's first title for Wii U and Steam.

Detailed Info: I was assigned to the project from the high concept phase until release.  I participated in researching developers and contract negotiations with Torus games.  My primary responsibilities were submitting concepts, milestones and artwork to Mattel for approvals and handling first party submissions and certifications. 

Barbie was Little Orbit's first Wii U title.  In addition to AP duties, I was in charge of working with Nintendo to acquire developer kits, setting up debug tools and attending training summit's at Nintendo HQ using Barbie as the companies test project.