I'm a creator, an organizer, a supporter, a leader, a nerd, a gamer and many other fantastic things.  I love trying new things, learning new skills and helping projects become a reality.  

Professionally, I've been in the entertainment industry for over a decade.  I've worked in Film, Television and Concerts, but leveled up the most experience points in Video Games.  I consider myself a "Red Mage" in the industry as I've been a Designer, Artist, and Scripter with a balance of Creative and Technical know how.  My main "Class" is a Producer as I have a talent for being social, connecting with people and being active in the creative community. 

I love to draw, paint and shoot photos.  Out of all three, photography is my main creative outlet.  I love working with new Costumers, Make-up Artists and Prop Makers. My pop culture photos have appeared in art shows around Southern California and my pose reference sets are used by Artists of all levels.



Whenever I can, I help out at local galleries and organize sketch groups for artists around Orange County.  I also mentor several students and volunteer for the annual SIGGRAPH conference.  2015 marks my 9th year as a volunteer and my 4th as a member of a Subcommittee. No matter what I'm doing or where I'm at, I'll always make time to enjoy the arts and contribute to the community around me.

Hope to see you out there too!

-Casey Kwock